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Maria Eliades is a Greek-American writer, journalist, editor, and researcher who lives in the New York metro area, but formerly lived in Istanbul, Turkey for six years. Maria covers politics, culture, art, literature, fashion, travel, food, and leisure in Turkey and Greece.

Her bylines include work for the Ploughshares blog, The Times Literary SupplementThe PuritanPRI’s The World, Muftah, EurasiaNet, Versopolis, and Time Out Istanbul. You can view her Contently portfolio, or just a selection of her writings here.

To contact Maria for freelance editorial or content work, write to her here or on Twitter.


Hot Off the Press

We like to censor books we’re uncomfortable with -but the truth of it is, we only want to do so because they flash a mirror up to the ugliness of our times. In Michel Houellebecq’s controversial Submission, the inner ugliness is in some liberal men -my latest for The Ploughshares Blog.